Programme Details

The Bio-composite technology curriculum is designed to prepare students for the challenging careers in bio-fibre based materials production and manufacturing. This 3-year programme covers fundamentals of sciences, structures, properties and resources of bio-fibre materials such as timber, bamboo, rattan, palm oil, kenaf and other agriculture fibre. The properties include physical, chemical and mechanical (destructive and non-destructive testing) aspect of the materials. The curriculum also covers technological courses such as deterioration and protection of bio-fibre materials, adhesive and coating technology, and bio-composite materials technology. Bio-composite materials technological courses includes the production of solid, modified materials, laminated products, particle-based products, fibre-based products and moulded flour composite materials. Students will also be exposed to extra curricular activities in the appreciation of natural resources like forest camping and academic visits.

Job Opportunities

Graduates will find employment in both public and private sectors in various bio-based materials and other forest-based or agriculture products industries related to management, administration, marketing, financial management, technical services and production quality control. Graduates are able to recognise problems in the production of bio-based and forest-based products and able to embark in research and develop new material for the bio-composite technology. Graduates can be employed in important positions as manager, enforcement officer, technologist, relation officer, marketing officer, research officer, quality control officer and production executive in wood-based, forest-based and agricultural-based industries.

Opportunities for Further Studies

Graduates have to opportunity to pursue their studies at graduate levels in bio-fibre material technology including material science,production technology, industrial and business management as well as marketing.

Entry Requirement

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Bachelor of Science (Hons) Bio-Composite Technology 
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Universiti Teknologi MARA
40450 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan