(By FSG Student Secretariat (SMF))

Fig. 1 Poster FSG “GET-TO-KNOW” DAY.

On 1 November 2020, the faculty of student secretariat (SMF) organised a program called FSG 'GET-TO-KNOW' DAY to give an early introduction regarding the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FSG) to the first semester students whom just recently registered for October 2020 intake session. This program involved a total of 800 students which 700 of them are fresh undergraduate students, 2 student representative members (MPP), 28 SMF members and 70 members of internal student associations. This program was conducted through an online platform using Cisco Webex. The program offered a ranging of activities such as the introduction of the student representative’s council, student secretariat and internal student associations, the introduction of the faculty management organisational and playing interactive ‘Kahoot’ game related to the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The new undergraduates students also be informed regarding the facilities available for them to use in the faculty.

During the program, the student secretariat and internal student associations promoted the list of activities that can be joined by all the students. They not only strengthening the bonding between juniors and seniors but also improving their leadership and communication skills. Hopefully, this FSG “Get-To-Know” day is benefited to all, and both MPP and SMF wished good luck to all the new students.

Fig. 2 Screen captured of Cisco Webex.

Fig. 3 Live Sessions with MPP.



Fig. 4 Online meeting of internal student associations with new students.


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